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Founded in 2011, Aluminum Casting Business Unit is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling large & medium diesel engine components and lightweight automobile parts. With mature self-innovation and R&D capability, Aluminum Casting Business Unit has mastered advanced process design and manufacturing technology in low-pressure and gravity casting. Currently main products include oil pan, flywheel housing, gear cover, cylinder head cover and pipe & elbow for large & medium diesel engine and commercial vehicle engine, gearbox housing and brake valve body for rail transport, cylinder block & head, housing, frame, etc. for large displacement motorcycle, and motor housing for new energy vehicles. Operating under the guidance of IATF16949-2016, Aluminum Casting Business Unit is devoted to becoming a featured enterprise engaged in developing large & medium aluminum parts of low pressure and gravity casting in West China.

CastingHeat TreatmentInspection
  • Large Tilting Gravity Casting Machine

  • Large Low Pressure Casting Machine (4mX4m)

  • Shell Core Machine

  • Low Pressure Casting Production Line

  • Small horizontal parting core shooting machine

  • Aluminum alloy aging furnace

  • Low pressure casting production line

  • Large horizontal parting core shooting

  • Pit Quenching Furnace

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Quenching Furnace for Aluminum Alloy

  • Particle Size Tester for Coated Sand

  • Strength Tester for Coated Sand

  • Gas Tester for Coated Sand

  • Hardness Tester

  • Density equivalent tester

  • X-ray flaw detector

Peripheral Castings of Power System
  • Cylinder Head Cover for Commercial Vehicle

  • Cylinder Head Cover for Commercial Vehicle

  • Intake Pipe for Commercial Vehicle

  • Intake Pipe for Commercial Vehicle

  • Intake Pipe for Commercial Vehicle

  • Oil Pan for Construction Machinery

  • Intake Manifold for Construction Machinery

  • Oil Pan for Construction Machinery

  • other

  • Tube

  • Transmission Housing for Commercial Vehicle

  • Cam Carrier for Commercial Vehicle

  • Base Frame for Commercial Vehicle

  • Oil Pan for Commercial Vehicle

Core Castings of Power System


Casting contact

  • Motorcycle & Engine:

    Nicole Li
    Tel: +86-136 4764 6479
    For European Markets

    Dima Xiong
    Tel: +86 152 1332 1195
    For non-European Markets
  • Precision Machining:

    Jane Wu
    Tel: +86-23-6410666
    Mobile: +86-18502312204

    Joice Deng
    Tel: +86-15696439603
  • Casting & Mold Contact : Colin Liu
    Tel: +86-23-6341 3888
    Mobile: +86-15823169928
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